Delhi: Unions of DTC employees observe a day long strike, LG imposes ESMA

Most buses of the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) fleet will remain off the roads as unions of  DTC employees have observed a day-long strike on October 29. 

Under the banner of DTC Contractual Workers Union, the DTC contractual workers are already on strike since October 22. Contractual workers are demanding the restoration of their original wages that were slashed by the DTC after a court order.

The DTC Workers Unity Centre has also given a call of strike for today.

Meanwhile, the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi had imposed the Essential Service Maintenance Act (ESMA), 1974 on DTC, prohibiting workers from protesting for the next six months.

The DTC in a press statement said, “The Delhi government restored the minimum wage rates which were prevailing before August 4, 2018, of contractual employees and withdrew the orders for reducing the minimum wage.”

Workers’ demands include ensuring same pay for same work for contract workers, revoking the circular of decreasing wages on DTC and increase in the number of buses in DTC for affordable, accessible, safe and pollution-free public transport.

The corporation has appealed the contractual staff to resume their duties and has also said that the deduction in wages made for the intervening period (from August 4 till October 31) will be credited to the accounts of the personnel by the end of this month.

Union’s General Secretary Abhishek, said, “All central trade unions (AICCTU, AITUC, AIUTUC, CITU, HMS, INTUC, TUCC, SEWA, LPF, UTUC, MEC) except BMS has supported the DTC workers ongoing movement.”