Delhi govt forms plans to redevelop ITI Shahdara

Delhi government will redevelop the ITI Shahdara with state-of-the-art facilities to train up to 10,000 students, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Friday.
Reviewing the first phase of the redevelopment action plan, Sisodia gave his suggestions for further improvements and said the Arvind Kejriwal government was determined to make Delhi’s youngsters skilled and efficient enough to stand on their own feet.

“To provide upskilling opportunities to more and more youngsters, the Delhi government is expanding the ITI Shahdara. Along with industrial training, students will have options for polytechnic courses and various other skills-based courses,” the deputy chief minister said.

“Redevelopment of ITI Shahdara will bring in many new opportunities for students. Even after graduating today, youngsters struggle for jobs due to lack of new-age skills, but after pursuing skills-based courses here, they will have better job prospects.

“In the future, the institute will not only tie up with prominent companies for training but will also have facilities like innovation labs, state-of-the-art workshops to provide hands-on training to students,” Sisodia added.

After the redevelopment, the institute will have all facilities like modern workshops, amphitheatre, auditorium, conference room, audio-visual room, canteen and library.