Delhi CM praises Delhi’s low inflation rate

New Delhi- Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday said that the inflation rate in Delhi was very low compared to the entire country.

On Wednesday, he wrote on his X account (formerly Twitter), “Central govt data shows that Delhi has the lowest inflation in the country.”

During his address at Chhatrasal Stadium on Independence Day, Kejriwal had mentioned that Delhi has only a two per cent inflation rate, while other states experienced an inflation rate of about six per cent.

“In Delhi, we have the lowest inflation rate. Why? Because we provide free electricity, free education, and free water. We also offer free bus rides to women, and treatment is free. These are the reasons Delhi has the lowest inflation, ” Kejriwal stated.

He said that for the lowest inflation rate in the entire country, there was a need to provide free education, free electricity, free bus rides, and free medical facilities to everyone.