Couple arrested in Kashmir for posing IAS, IPS officers

Jammu and Kashmir Police have arrested a couple on charges of impersonating as IAS and IPS officers and duping people. The accused have been identified as Manmohan Ganjoo, and Ayoush Koul Ganjoo. 

According to a police spokesperson, the couple’s modus operandi involved deceiving people by making false promises of lucrative positions, career advancements, and other personal favors.

Further investigation revealed that Manmohan Ganjoo had been serving as a suspended police personnel. Law enforcement authorities executed a search warrant at the couple’s residence, leading to the confiscation of incriminating evidence. 

Among the seized items were laptops, mobile devices containing fabricated transfer and appointment orders, including fraudulent documents related to Manmohan Ganjoo’s induction into the Indian Police Service (IPS). The authorities also discovered cash, jewelry, and other belongings that were allegedly obtained through fraudulent means.

Three individuals have already come forward to report instances of fraud perpetrated by the accused couple. 

Earlier, a similar case surfaced this year when Jammu and Kashmir Police arrested Kiranbhai Patel, a conman hailing from Gujarat. Patel had successfully posed as a high-ranking official from the Prime Minister’s Office, managing to exploit his fabricated authority to receive benefits and privileges, including Z-plus security cover, during his visits to the Kashmir Valley.