Congress’ manifesto is full of lies, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday while addressing a public rally at Arunachal Pradesh’s Pasighat East district said Congress manifesto is corrupt and full of lies. Therefore, it should be called hypocrisy document, not a manifesto.

Congress on Tuesday released its manifesto highlighting its focus on five big economic and social ideas including the NYAY scheme that promises Rs.72,000 a year to India’s poorest families.

While talking about development work done by BJP, Modi said, Arunachal was neglected by previous governments for decades, “but you finally have someone who accepts you, your culture and your traditions — who understands your dreams and aspirations and who works to ensure that those are realised,” Modi added.

Modi further said, “It is with the support of the people of Arunachal Pradesh that we have been able to develop roads, national highway, railway and improve air connectivity of the state with the rest of the nation. It is the result of your strong trust on us.”

Modi also said that BJP has never asked for votes in the name of farmers. “However, we still made so many provisions and brought improvements in the condition of the farmers.”

Have you ever heard that I have gone on leave? Am I not working for you tirelessly?” Modi asserted.

Before leaving for Arunachal Pradesh, Modi tweeted, “Glad to be going back to Arunachal Pradesh today. Will address a public meeting in Pasighat. In Arunachal Pradesh, like the rest of the Northeast, BJP is gaining substantial popularity. Our good work stands in contrast to Congress’ apathy and loot.”