Chaos in Pakistan will not impact Kashmir: BJP

Srinagar : The BJP said today that the ongoing chaos in Pakistan will not have any impact on Jammu and Kashmir. 

“Whatever the situation is in Pakistan, it will not have any impact on the situation of Jammu and Kashmir. Whatever Pakistan has done in the last 30 years, it will fall into its own pit,” BJP general secretary organisation, Jammu and Kashmir, Ashok Koul, said.

He also told reporters that the regional parties in the Union Territory are worried about Pakistan and had made statements that the worsening situation there would have an adverse impact on the union territory.

“They are just harping on their old tunes. as far as India’s stand on the relationship with Pakistan is concerned, it is as it was that unless they stop supporting militant activities, India cannot think about having dialogue with them,” Koul said.

This comes after concerns were expressed by regional political parties, including National Conference president Farooq Abdullah and PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti, regarding the “dangerous” situation in Pakistan and its possible effect on India. 

Widespread protests erupted in Pakistan following the arrest of former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf founder Imran Khan by the paramilitary Rangers, resulting in the deployment of the army in several provinces. 

Koul, also mentioned that winning or losing elections will not have any impact on his party. 

He said that the BJP is always ready for an election and cannot confirm when assembly elections will be held in Jammu and Kashmir, but they may take place along with the panchayat polls or before.