Care for dependent parents: Assam Government’s new law for govt employees

The BJP-led alliance government in Assam is set to unveil a new law from October 2, 2018, making it mandatory for nearly four lakh state government employees to look after their aged and dependent parents and differently-abled siblings who do not have a source of income.

“This is to ensure that they (the employees) look their parents, who do not have any source of income and are dependent on them. The employee should also take care of the physically challenged sibling, who is also dependent on him,” health and finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said.

In 2017, the state assembly had passed Assam Employees Parents Responsibility and Norms for Accountability and Monitoring (PRANAM) Bill, 2017 – which makes all these compulsory.

“If a particular government employee does not take good care of his or her parents then we will deduct 10 percent from their salary and transfer it to their parents’ account,” Sarma added.

Sarma said that if there is any sibling that the parents need to take care of then the salary cut may go up to 15%.

He also added that if the ignored parents have more than one child working as a state government employee, the penalty will be distributed equally among their children. Pensioner parents are not covered under the scheme.

“The state government may consider extending the same to state government public sector units and corporations. We have decided to have an appellate authority, which can look after claims and grievances under the act,” Sarma further added.