BS Yediyurappa wins trust vote in Karnataka Assembly, speaker KR Ramesh resigns

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Monday won the floor test in the assembly, thus retaining his position.

Yediyurappa, proved his majority in the Assembly winning the confidence motion by a voice vote after the majority mark in the House has slid to 105. On Sunday Speaker KR Ramesh disqualified the rebel MLAs bringing down the strength of the 225-member Assembly to 208.

After winning the trust vote, the Karnataka chief minister in a tweet said, “Winning the trust vote is, taking one more step closer towards a stable and strong administration. Will uphold the trust by ensuring transparent and accountable governance. I would like to thank the citizens, MLAs and each and every BJP Karyakartha for the trust placed in me.”

Soon after BS Yediyurappa won the confidence motion, Speaker KR Ramesh submitted his letter of resignation to deputy speaker.

Former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said, “@BSYBJP will not be able to complete full term as they are dependent on those who have lost all morals. This govt is nothing but unconstitutional & immoral. When @BSYBJP took the oath, half way mark was 111 but how on Earth did they show numbers to the governor.”

“I would like to see @BSYBJP as @CMofKarnataka for rest of the term but unfortunately that is not possible because of the unholy way they have formed the govt,” Siddaramaiah added.

He further said, “@BSYBJP has taken oath for 4 times but he lacked numbers in all instances. Having 105 seats is not people’ mandate. He is like a ‘Crony Capitalist’ who manufacturers numbers in a way that is harmful for a democratic nation.”

On July 26, BS Yediyurappa took oath as Chief Minister for the fourth time, three days after the collapse of 14-month-old Congress-JD(S) coalition government.

Last week, H D Kumaraswamy lost the trust vote and the Congress-JD(S) coalition government collapsed in the Assembly. BJP defeated the coalition government by 105-99 votes in the floor test after a long intense power struggle in the Karnataka assembly.