BJP MLA says Kerala floods outcome of cow slaughtering in state

In a bid to spark a controversy Basangouda Patil Yatnal, BJP MLA from Karnataka and a former union minister, in an outrageous comment said that devastating floods in Kerala are the result of ruthless cow slaughtering in the state.

“Slaughtering cows is against the feelings of the Hindu community. One should not hurt the feelings of other religions. Now you see what happened to Kerala, they openly slaughtered cows and you see in less than one year they’ve come to this stage,” he said.

He further added, “Whoever hurts the feelings of the Hindu community will be punished this way.”

In a statement, Yatnal was referring to a beef festival that was held about a year ago by Kerala legislators in the state assembly canteen to protest against a centre’s order banning cattle killing and trade.

BJP MLA Yatnal, who had quit the BJP a few years ago, made a comeback just before the Karnataka elections.

In the devastating floods following torrential rains in Kerala more than 300 people have died and lakhs of people rendered homeless.