Bill Gates: Aadhaar does not pose any privacy issue

Bill_Gates_June_2015Microsoft founder Bill Gates on April 3 said that India’s Aadhaar technology does not pose any privacy issue and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has funded the World Bank to spread this unique approach to several other countries as it is worth following. He added this approach does not pose any threat because it is just a bio ID verification scheme.

Bill Gates said that Nandan Nilekani, (Infosys founder) is considered as the chief architect of Aadhaar, and was consulting and helping the World Bank on the same project.

The entrepreneur further said, “Yes, all other countries should adopt this approach because the quality of governance has a lot to do with how quickly countries are able to grow their economy and empower their people.”

He said that the individual applications that use Aadhaar have to look and see that what’s been stored and who has access to that information. And so, application by application, we have to make sure that’s well managed. In the case of the financial bank account, I think it’s handled very well.

Observing that Aadhaar was started before Prime Minister Narendra Modi came into office, Gates said that it was very much to his credit that he was willing to embrace it.