Armed dacoits rob passengers onboard Ganga-Kaveri Express train in Uttar Pradesh

Several passengers on board a Ganga-Kaveri Express train were robbed by armed dacoits in Uttar Pradesh’s Chitrakoot district early on Monday.

The dacoits looted jewellery and cash from the passengers, police said.

Dacoits blocked the rail tracks and stopped the train as it left the Manikpur railway station and was headed for Allahabad, Police added.

The dacoits attacked and threatened clueless sleeping passengers after barging into two coaches of the Ganga-Kaveri Express.

According to the passengers who were travelling in the train, there were dozens of armed men, they smashed glass panes of the two coaches and bashed up the people inside.

It took more than an hour for dacoits to carry out the attack.

Police arrived after someone dialed the emergency service number.

The search operation is underway