Andhra Pradesh to give Rs 1000 allowance per month to unemployed youth

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on September 11 announced the launch of ‘Yuva Nestam Scheme’ on October 2, to provide unemployment allowance of Rs 1000 each to empower youth. The major motive behind the scheme is to empower the youth by providing skill development and self-employment opportunities.

Chief Minister Naidu said, “The state government has been providing skill development training to 10 lakh youth and providing employment opportunities to them. Nearly 260 training partners were appointed to train and provide employment opportunities to youth. The training partners were appointed from Singapore, Germany and UK too.”

Discussing the ‘Yuva Nestam Scheme’ the chief minister asks youth to keep their attitude positive and strive to learn new things on a continuous basis by updating skills using technology.

The CM further said that the state government is encouraging industrialization to provide employment opportunities to youth and improve the economy.

Chief Minister Naidu also added that ‘Jnana Bheri’, ‘Yuva Nestam Scheme’ and skill development programs all are aimed at empowering the youth of the state.