Amarinder calls on Modi, discusses situation in Punjab

New Delhi:  Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh on Thursday met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Parliament here.

Amarinder said he had met the Prime Minister after about three months. He said he had a detailed meeting with the Prime Minister for about half an hour.

The former chief minister, without giving any specific details, said he had comprehensive and elaborate discussions about the prevailing situation in Punjab.

Later talking to reporters in the Parliament House Complex, Amarinder condemned the incident of arson outside a gurdwara in Jalandhar where some furniture, including chairs and benches, were set on fire.

He said this was quite unacceptable and called for an end to it. He warned against letting the situation drift any further.

Amarinder also expressed concern over the smuggling in drones from Pakistan, which were carrying weapons and drugs. He said these were finding their way into the hands of those who were trying to disturb peace in Punjab.

He pointed out that he had always been warning against Pakistani designs and now the frequency of infiltration of weapons and drugs was quite high.