All the machineries should be alert to avoid disaster in monsoon – Devendra Fadnavis

All the related departments should make effective planning so that the incidences of flood, building collapse, water accumulation in the state can be avoided. Similarly, the Human Resources should be alert at the disaster control room and it should be seen that all the contact numbers are in working condition directed Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

Fadnavis was speaking at the state level pre-monsoon preparation review meeting at Sahyadri guest house today. Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Chandrakant Patil, chief secretary Ajoy Mehta, secretaries of various departments, officers of all the three armed forces, officers of coastal guard, National and state disaster response teams, all the Divisional Commissioner, commissioners of various Municipal corporations and senior officers of Union and State Government were present in the meeting.

CM Fadnvis said, ‘all the machinery should make due preparation to face any sort of emergencies during rainy season. if good preparations are made for rehabilitation and measures taken to cope with such situation, any disaster can be avoided. ‘

‘In last few years this system is working perfectly during the rainy season.on the basis of that experience, better work can be done and good service can be provided in period of possible calamity’. he added.

Mr Fadnavis said that institutional knowledge, experience and vision can help stop the disaster in the state. He said that besides Mumbai, the dangerous buildings and flood situation in Nagpur, Nashik, Pune and other cities should also be given special concentration. He suggested that for avoiding the accumulation of rainwater in the cities and the problems of traffic jam, the command and control room should keep a watch through closed circuit television (CCTV’s). He also said that the Mumbai Municipal Corporation and the railway department should co-ordinate to take decision about dangerous, dilapidated buildings and railway bridges that are not up to the mark.

Fadnavis also directed that the disaster management teams should be alert round the clock and take care that all the machineries that is to be used during the disaster period, is in good condition. He also said that at this team should take care so as to see that they reach to the disaster spot within the least possible time. He said that the disaster response centre contact machinery will be alert round the clock and care should be taken that workers are present there for 24 hours.

Speaking on the occasion relief and Rehabilitation Minister Patil said that elaborate arrangements had been made to cope with any disaster situation during monsoon in the state. he said that this information should be taken to the people and the machinery should be alert. He suggested that the control room in the Mantralaya should be modernized.

Secretary of relief and Rehabilitation department Kishor Raje Nimbalkar gave information about the emergency control room started by the government. KS Hosalikar of Indian metrological department gave the information about the forecast of rain in the state. He said that till 17th of June, rainfall will start in entire state. He also said that this year the average rainfall will be between 96 to 104 percent. The national disaster response team (NDRF) will deploy 18 teams where as the state disaster response team (SDRF) will deploy three teams to cope with the emergency situation in the state.

NDRF is also going establish three flying squads which can reach the spot to provide assistance to the needy as soon as the complaint is received. The arm forces has also being given the information to be alert and in case of extreme emergencies helicopter can also be pressed into service, metrological department, various Divisional Commissioners, Coast Guard, all the three armed forces made presentation about their pre-monsoon preparation.