After bumper victory in Punjab AAP likely to move ahead towards Haryana


Political scenario in Haryana state has witnessed change after bumper victory of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in recent Vidhan Sabha polls in Punjab. Congress leaders in Haryana state  have become active visiting their Delhi Durbar frequently, whereas ruling Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) having alliance with Janhit Janta Party (JJP) in Haryana state has started seminars in every district in the state making attractive developmental offers, assurances to people in the state in order to remain in power and keep alive their Vote Bank in the state. Information reveals, all political parties in  the state have become active to remain alive after drastic change in government in Punjab and dis-satisfied senior leaders of all political parties in Haryana are now willing to join hands with AAP likely to spread their network in the state on the basis of their Delhi model, which brought party in power with majority in Punjab.

Sources reveal, Arvind Kejriwal Chief Minister Delhi yet busy in strengthening newly formed AAP government in Punjab has now decided to spread its network in Haryana, Himachal and Gujarat states also as such unsatisfied senior political leaders of parties in opposition including Congress, INLD, BSP, JJP and even few unsatisfied BJP leaders denied tickets in last Vidhan Sabha polls has now started searching their future political career in AAP.  Recently, while talking to media persons Ram Kumar Gautam MLA Narnaund suggested all ruling government Ministers, MLAs and MPs whole-heartedly support people in the state to keep alive ruling government and remain alert in their constituencies.

Present political scenario in Haryana state reveals, Congress in the state in-spite of having strength of 31 members in Vidhan Sabha facing severe crisis in the party due to in-fight between senior party leaders as well as alleged erratic policies by party high command. INLD having a single MLA in the state out of total number of 90 Vidhan Sabha constituencies have no political base in the state. However, JJP having 10 MLAs in Haryana state have alliance with BJP to form government in the state but most of JJP legislators are seen unsatisfied feeling themselves neglected and may switch over to AAP if given chance to contest in coming Vidhan Sabha polls in 2024 in case of entry of AAP in Haryana state.

It is only due to expected entry of AAP in Haryana state, senior Congress leaders like former Haryana chief minister including Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Kumari Shelja, Kuldeep Bishnoi, Capt. Ajay Yadav and Kiran Choudhary are active in holding frequent meetings with Congress high command to keep party alive in Haryana state. Information also reveals, several AAP party senior leaders are expected present in Uchana rally  to be organized by Ch, Virender Singh a former Lok Sabha members.

While looking at past, Naveen Jaihind an old associate  of Arvind Kejriwal  without party’s support had played an important role to start  AAP network in Haryana and organized several political programmes to bring awareness of party policies in the state and succeeded to large extent, but he remained inactive in the state for about a year due to some personal reasons resulting AAP lost ts existence in this period although another AAP leader Dr Susheel Gupta a Rajya Sabha member attempted to carry out party’s activities in the absence of Naveen Jaihind but failed to impress people in the state.

Now with re- entry of Naveen Jaihind in Haryana politics, he has announced  to launch agitation against ruling state government due to increasing cases of corruption in government offices and scams of value worth crores of rupees including embezzlements in registration of properties in Tehsil offices in the state, frauds in construction of buildings by state PWD (B& R) and frauds in recruitment of government jobs by Haryana Lok Sewa Aayog and Haryana Staff Selection Commission allegedly selling government jobs. Jaihind disclosed to media that AAP is going to contest in coming municipal polls in Haryana state on party’s symbol which clearly indicates that Kejriwal originally hailing from Siwani Mandi in Haryana state after historic victory in Punjab now planning to move ahead towards Haryana and Himachal states.

Sources reveal, large number of prominent heavy weight political leaders from different political parties in Haryana state has started efforts to join hands with AAP. Sources also reveal, Kejriwal after establishing government in Punjab is going to hold a meeting at Delhi with prominent leaders of political parties in opposition to prepare future road map and expand its network in Haryana and Himachal states. Sources further reveal that large number of senior government bureaucrats near to retirement as well as prominent heavy weight leaders of various political parties in Haryana state may join hands with Anand Kejriwal to contest 2024 Vidhan Sabha polls in Haryana on behalf of AAP.