Afghan forces rescue 149 hostages abducted by Taliban

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Afghan forces rescued 149 people, including women and children, hours after the Taliban militants ambushed a convoy of buses and Kidnapped them. While the militants managed to escape with 21 hostages after the battle with Afghan forces in Kunduz province.

Taliban militants on Monday had launched an ambush on three buses in northern Afghanistan and kidnapped more than 150 people.

The attack happened a day after the Afghan President Ashraf announced a conditional three-month ceasefire with the Islamist militants.

As per the officials, the kidnapping happened when buses were traveling through Kunduz from Takhar area, on their way to the Kabul capital.

The Taliban had confirmed that the three buses packed with the passengers were in their custody, they added that they targeted the bus after their intelligence inputs revealed that many men working with Afghan security forces were on board.

In recent weeks, the Taliban have launched several attacks on Afghanistan.