Adequate measures taken to control H1N1 flu and Zika virus outbreak says Health Minister

Union Health Minister Jagat Prakash Nadda on October 16 chaired a high-level meeting to discuss the issue of H1N1 flu and Zika virus outbreak.

Soon after the meeting, the Union health minister asserted that appropriate measures have been put in place to tackle the outbreak of both H1N1 flu and Zika virus.

“We understand the need to adopt some preventive measures and for that Government of India along with the states are prepared for it. Adequate medicines are there with states and Centre. For this, we are providing adequate medicines and testing kits. Immunization has been done of those who are working in the hospital. All testing kits are there in reasonable number and laboratories have been tuned and trained accordingly,” Nadda said.

He further added that he will hold a press conference with all the vulnerable states on October 17.

He said, “It was detected in Rajasthan at a localized area and we have completely tried to quarantine that area. Constant monitoring is underway. We are doing complete fogging to ensure that breeding does not take place.”

“Over two lakh breeding centres have been detected and taken care of. Our surveillance system is in place. We are working towards making all areas infection-free. There is no need to panic but be vigilant,” he added.