AAP to seek probe into missing names in voters’ list

Lucknow : The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has announced that once the municipal polls in Uttar Pradesh get over, it will seek a CBI inquiry into the scam due to which thousands of people have been deprived of their right to vote because of their names missing from the voter list in every election.

The party is also set to file a complaint with the SEC after its mayoral candidate from Lucknow was reportedly first refused permission to cast vote in Lucknow on May 4, saying her name was not in that particular list.

She was finally allowed to vote when she declared that she was the candidate herself.

“Based on the slip we were given, my husband and I went to Prakash Bal Vidya Mandir, Kathauta Chauraha to room 1574 where the officials on duty told us that our names were not in their list. After we created some fuss, the officer aid that they had been ‘instructed by a senior the previous night to not allow beyond a certain number in the voters’ list to cast their vote, ” alleged Anju Bhatt, the AAP candidate.

They checked their names at another booth and found they were listed for the same room.

Bhatt’s husband said their numbers were 1, 457 and 1, 458 but the officials kept insisting that they would only allow voting for those with numbers up to 1, 451.

Finally, when Bhatt declared that she was a mayoral candidate, the officials allowed the couple to cast their vote.