Aadhaar biometric data cannot be breached, says Ravi Shankar Prasad

Ravi Shankar Prasad, Law and Information Technology Minister, on November 3 reiterated that Aadhaar data cannot be breached, as it is stored in a safe and secure encrypted form. He said this while addressing Financial Inclusion Summit in New Delhi.

Speaking about Aadhaar he said, “Biometric data on Aadhaar is kept in safe and secure conditions in an encrypted form, and so strong that even for the billionth of a second it cannot be breached. The unique initiative of Aadhaar is that we do three crore authentications every three seconds. Aaadhar Data is kept in secure conditions duly backed by a parliamentary law, so strong that if anyone tries to disclose the biometric details, he can be prosecuted and it can only happen in the case of a compelling national security that too after the affirmation of a committee headed by the cabinet secretary.”

While talking about Centre’s vision of complete digitization, Prasad said that through the Digital India programme, the government wishes to empower ordinary citizens with the power of technology, a technology that is low-cost, developmental and inclusive.