Six-year-old with tail is worshipped in Delhi

A six-year-old boy born with a ‘tail’ is being worshipped as a monkey god, but his parents have been forced to hide him away due to the attention. Shivam Kumar’s neighbours believe he is a divine being due to the unusual growth of hairs on his back, so they shower him with chocolates and snacks.

They flocked to see him as word spread after he was born in Delhi and some came with flowers believing he was a reincarnation of Hanuman, a powerful monkey deity for Hindus. The growth shocked doctors and Shivam’s parents, including his mother Reena, 30, refuse to shave it off because “it would bring a bad omen for our family”.

Tamil Nadu mobile shop offers 1 kg onions to phone buyers

A small mobile shop in Tamil Nadu has come up with an interesting offer. An announcement by STR Mobiles in Thanjavur district has not only piqued the interest of onlookers but also has spread amusement among people. STR Mobiles, a mobile sales and service centre in Thalayari Street in Pattukottai, has announced that whoever purchases a smartphone from the shop will be given one kilogram of onions as a freebie, reported an online portal.

Presently, one kilogram of big onions is being sold at prices upwards of 140 in Tamil Nadu. Small onions or shallots are being sold at a price starting at 160 in the state. Speaking to The News Minute, Saravana Kumar, the proprietor of STR Mobiles, said that the reception of this offer has been great. “Nobody in Pattukottai has ever heard of such offers. So people are curious. I have been observing more footfall at the shop since the advertisement was put up,” he says.

Saravana Kumar, 35, opened STR Mobiles around eight years ago in Pattukottai. On an average, the shop sells two mobile phones per day, the report said.

Bride finds new partner as groom arrives late

Arriving late to his wedding cost dear to a groom in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor. The miffed bride refused to get married to him and found new partner from the local area. The couple, according to reports, had got married at a mass wedding programme in October and were set to get married again in a “proper” ceremony on December 4.

The groom, from Dhampur town, was expected to arrive at the bride’s village with his baraat for the ceremony at 2pm in the afternoon, according to NDTV news portal.

However, the wedding party only reached the bride’s house late at night. This, coupled with growing differences between the families over dowry issues, left the bride and her relatives annoyed, the report said. The bride’s family reportedly locked up the groom and his family, snatched their valuables and thrashed them after they arrived hours later than they were supposed to.