7 Ways to Protect your Credit Card Information Online

Buying online doesn’t just add an element of convenience, but at times makes more financial sense thanks to the lucrative offers you come across on varied e-commerce platforms. However, with cybercrimes and fraudulent activities in the digital world increasing every passing day, it is wise to be extra cautious about your credit card when using it online. You can safeguard your money and identity when shopping online by following these few simple steps.

Keep your antivirus software and browsers up to date

By ensuring that your browser is up to date and all your security measures are in place, you can counter any spyware or malware trying to hack your information or impersonate you. A good antivirus and firewall installed in your desktop or laptop can help you prevent credit card fraud, so ensure you give them their due importance.

Avoid clicking on deal links from your email

Links about exciting offers and deals in your inbox may prove to be more expensive than you can imagine. Your search history and preferences are recorded over the web and can be used for ill. So, it is better to stay away from such deals as they may be a phishing tactic. This means your personal data such as online bank account details, credit card details, and other vital login information can be scammed, which the hackers can make use of to retrieve funds from your account.

Turn on your card’s added security

You can activate an added security layer such as the SecureCode in MasterCard or Visa’s Verified code to secure future transactions on your credit card. Activating this code means that you will have to enter a one-time code every time you make a transaction on a supported site. This may include a one-time verification pin sent to your phone for each transaction. Though this may seem cumbersome, it may protect you and your data online.

Consider having a separate card for online transactions

This is great if you want to segregate in-person and online transactions. You can get a prepaid credit card that allows you to load a set amount of money when you wish to make a purchase. The greatest benefit is even if the security of your card is compromised, you will only use a certain amount rather than risk your entire credit limit.

Check your statement for unusual transactions

Almost all banks and credit card companies have systems in place that monitor your credit card usage. They detect fraud and generally will notify you if they notice a suspicious transaction. However, your safety is your concern too. So, it is important to keep an eye on your credit card statement. Be very thorough with all your transactions and check each transaction date, amount, and other details on your statement before proceeding to clear off your dues. This can help you raise a complaint if something seems fishy.

Do not store your credit card details online

Reduce the chances of falling prey to a large-scale breach by not storing your data with any online retailer. Use a separate password for every online retailer account that you create. Avoid using public Wi-Fi if you are completing a purchase or transaction online. All this will help you stay secure when using your card online.

Stay vigilant about fake apps

Not every app is legitimate especially when it comes to retail applications or budget tracking. Perform extensive checks before downloading an app to ensure that it is from a real merchant. Look for reviews from top commenters and ensure the app description is free from typos. This will ensure that the application you download is genuine and won’t steal your information.

Abiding by these points will help protect yourself and reduce the chances of encountering cyber criminals. Consider the Bajaj Finserv RBL credit card if you make frequent online credit card payment. Its in-hand security features and zero-fraud liability cover helps you avoid cybercrime threats. This is a unique feature and is not yet available with Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

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