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                                  SISTERLY CONCERN                                   IS pRIYaNka GaNdhI’S
                                  With barely 100 days                               dEbuT IN pOLITICS a
                                  left for the final battle of                       maSTERSTROkE OR muCh
                                  the ballot, will Priyanka                          adO abOuT NOThING?
                                  Gandhi be able to do                               Priyanka Gandhi’s formal
                                  any magic? asks Mudit                              entry into politics shows
                                  Mathur                                             that the grand old party
                                                                                     wants to capitalise on the
                                                                                     charisma that she exudes,
                                                                                     writes Charanjit Ahuja

      hOw SafE aRE EvmS? aRE                              GaNdhIS LIkELY TO LEad
      YOuR vOTES CORRECTLY                                LS pOLLS fROm ThE
      pROCESSEd bY ThE                                    fRONT
      maChINES?                                           Rahul has re-energised
      Before we go into the                               Congress, Priyanka’s
      pros and cons of EVMs                               entry into politics as
      versus ballot papers, let                           in-charge of the party’s
      us understand the two,                              East Uttar Pradesh unit
      writes Sarrah                                       has instilled new hopes
                                                          among members,
                                                          writes Dr Anil Singh

                                   SpOuSES pLaY CRuCIaL                                IS SavE GIRL ChILd
                                   ROLE IN kEY pEOpLE’S                                SChEmE aN EYEwaSh?
                                   LIvES                                               The NDA government,
                                   There existed a definite                            as per reports, has
                                   period in the recent                                spent 56 per cent
                                   history of our country                              of the cumulative
                                   when wives did play a                               funds allocated for
                                   prominent role in the                               the campaign on its
                                   political struggles of                              publicity, writes M Y
                                   their husbands, writes                              Siddiqui
                                   Humra Quraishi

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