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                     present the customary Econom-  accessible. His tenure as Union   Don’t make Universal Basic
                     ic Survey and the controversy   Defence Minister will remain   Income an escape route
                     around unemployment data     etched in our minds. In the end,   With reference to the report “India must now go
                     reflect badly on the government.  George Fernandes was simple to   for Universal Basic Income” by Charanjit Ahuja
                                                                               (February 28, 2017)
                                  Manohar aleMbath  the core and always accessible   Universal Basic Income makes
                                                  to the common man. It would be   for good politics, but bad
                     Many within the BJP are well   no exaggeration to call him the   economics. And it is almost
                     aware that even with a flood of   poor man’s politician.  sickening that the rhetoric of
                     promises, most people are not                     r Sekar  eliminating poverty makes the
                     going to believe them as the                              rounds every election year, even
                     ruling party has been unable to   It can be rightly said that he was   decades after Independence.
                     fulfil any of its significant and   the last true socialist leader our   Instead of a dole for the poor,
                     earlier promises.            country has produced. He was   the state must empower them
                       The fact is that the BJP did not   also a self-made man, with a   by focussing on human devel-
                     pay much attention to issues of   number of anecdotes to prove   opment — through education,
                     public interest even after four   this. His strong principles and   health care and vocational skills.
                     and a half years of rule.    values will be remembered for   Universal Basic Income is an
                       The Opposition did take some   long.                    escape from the responsibility
                     of the wind out of the sails of               kM diVakaran  of providing essential public
                     the BJP. Sugar-coated interim                             services.
                     budgets by the government at                                Indians voters have been
                     the fag end of its term are only to   While it was painful to read   responsible and dutiful constitu-
                     win the elections.           about his passing, it was even   ents. They deserve an equally
                                    Mohan ariMboor  more distressing to have very   responsible government.
                                                  poor coverage on the great
                     George Fernandes always      politician. Most news channels               Sudhakar Singh
                     stood by his principles      had the news only as part of the   Those left out are trying
                     With reference to the obituary of George    scroll. Didn’t he deserve better?  hard to prove citizenship
                     Fernandes titled “A farewell to be remembered”   abid PaSha
                     by Gopal Misra (February 15, 2018)                        With reference to the report “Mere birth shall
                     With the passing of George                                not be linked to citizenship” by Humra Quraishi
                     Fernandes, India has lost a very   Leaders must not equate    (August 31, 2018)
                                                                               It is disheartening to note the
                     sincere politician who dedicated   themselves with country  difficulties being faced by those
                     his life to the cause of the nation.   With reference to the report “In a first,    left out of the draft National
                                                  leadership changes hands in separatist camp”
                     He was frank and forthright and,   by Riyaz Wani (April 15, 2018)  Register of Citizens in trying to
                     at the same time, very simple.   One of the essential qualities   prove their citizenship.
                     There are many political anec-  that our leaders should have is   Although the exercise is an
                     dotes to prove that he stood by   the ability of succession plan-  essential part of the commit-
                     his principles. He will be missed.  ning. In most of our political par-  ment to the people of Assam, as a
                                   kV SeetharaaMaiah  ties, the assumed and presumed   part of the Assam Accord, it mer-
                                                  next lines of leadership are   its a more humane approach.
                     India has lost a bold, daring and   family members of leaders.   The account amply illustrates
                     much loved leader. Honest and   In certain cases, it is a case of   how the marginalised are left
                     forthright, he fought for the   “After me, the deluge”. Leaders in   to fend for themselves amid
                     rights of the poor and the down-  all spheres should have the acu-  bureaucratic inefficiencies and
                     trodden and won many over    men, foresight and selfless cour-  procedural complexities.
                     with his brilliant oratory skills.   age to encourage and develop   It is imperative that there be
                     He shone as a Minister. The west   the best among their followers   course corrections; otherwise
                     coast will remember him as a   to take up their mantle when the   the exercise runs the risk of
                     far-sighted leader instrumen-  situation warrants this.   fuelling a parallel movement
                     tal in the Konkan Rail project   For this to happen, we must   against the state by those being
                     becoming a reality.          have leaders with unimpeach-  victimised now.
                                         M Pradyu  able integrity, rectitude and   And if this happens, it would
                                                  patriotism. Unfortunately, India   only heighten unrest in the
                     Goodbye George. With his pass-  has seen leaders equating them-  already disturbed Northeast.
                     ing, an era ends where politi-  selves with the country.                 yogeSh aggarwal
                     cians were sincere, simple and                Cg kuriakoSe

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