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      The bell has tolled for him, his exit. His expiry
      date has come... He knows his exist is not

      far. But he is not mentally ready to go. No

      opposition leader in the country is in peace.

      They are all surrounded by agencies, as the

      present regime is behaving like Hitler and
      adopting fascist means to keep all mum”

      MaMata Banerjee, West Bengal Chief Minister

                         “Kashmir is a political issue and it should be resolved that
                         way. I will fight every party that has been exploiting the
                         innocent people of Kashmir. When politicians are asked       twitterati
                         what is the issue, they say ‘Kashmir is a problem. Give
                         them monetary packages’. Do we only need money? Is the   they say imitation is the best form of
                         Kashmiri a beggar? We want to tell them that Kashmir is   flattery. glad that the farmers of india are
                         a political problem. They should not play with the lives of   going to be helped by “rythu Bandhu” l,
                         Kashmiri people by throwing money around.”
                         Shah FaeSal, Former IAS oFFIcer                       brainchild of our hon’ble CM KCr garu.
                                                                                the name may have been changed by
      “Unless three parties (India, Pakistan and Kashmir) talk to each other, how will a   nDa govt, in spirit it remains trimmed
      solution emerge? There is no other option. We have to engage with each other and   version of rythu Bandhu. Jai Kisan.
      find a solution. That is exactly what Vajpayee understood when he said that we   KTR @KTRTRS
      will resolve it in the ambit of humanity.”
      mirwAiz UmAr FArooq, hUrriyat ConFerenCe ChairMan
                                                                                  gadkari Ji, compliments!  You are
      “It is time we did away with censorship. Having censorship in cinema is a big   the only one in the BJP with some
      mistake. But this mistake has been perpetuated by the commercial cinema of   guts. Please also comment on: 1. the
      Mumbai because they want the censor board’s certificate as a shield against any   #rafalescam & anil ambani 2. farmers’
      litigation filed by other parties, both inside and outside the industry.”  Distress 3. Destruction of institutions
      Adoor GopAlAkrishnAn, DaDaSaheB Phalke awarDee                              Rahul Gandhi @RahulGandhi
      “The education imparted in madrasas must be modernised to make it sustainable.
      The clergy that resists the modern education has his own interests. They must un-  as per Wikipedia, rBi chief shaktikanta
      derstand that the education being given there cannot provide any jobs to students.”  Das has done masters in history...?
      FrAnk islAm, US-BaSeD MUSliM PhilanthroPiSt                                 Vinay Rai @RaiVinayKumar

      photo:Tehelka                                                                             tehelka  00
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