‘220 militants active in Valley’

Even though  257 militants were killed in 2018, the number of active militants in Valley is about 220, around 60 of them foreigners, according to a report in a local  Kashmir daily Greater Kashmir. This has effectively brought the situation back to square one in the state.  

Since 2015 killing of the popular commander Burhan Wani, the militancy in the Valley has grown from strength. The killings of the militants have witnessed faster replenishment.  

In 2017, the security forces killed 218 militants. But the number of the militants remained unchanged by the year end.

Security agencies are now hoping that the increased killings of militants lead to reduced fresh recruitment of the local youth.

“There is a silver lining. Since September last a smaller number of the local youth have joined militancy,” said a police officer. “We hope the trend continues”.

Security officials hope that at the current rate of killings in the next few months will see a substantial reduction in the militant number which in turn will make a redeeming difference to the security situation in the state.  

“We hope to maintain the pressure and reduce the presence of militants by a sizable number,” said a police officer. “This should  ease up the current fragile situation and hopefully put the Valley on the road to peace sooner than later”.