12 senior officers told to retire amid corruption, bribe, sex harassment probes

Twelve senior government officials have been forced into compulsory retirement by the government over allegations of misconduct such as fraud, bribery, extortion and sexual harassment.

Officers including Principal Commissioners, Chief Commissioner and Commissioner of Income Tax Department compulsorily retired under Rule 56 (j) of the General Financial Rules (GFRs), said sources.

The list includes Ashok Agarwal (IRS, 1985), Joint Commissioner of Income Tax, Homi Rajvansh (IRS, 1985), S K Srivastava (IRS, 1989), Commissioner (Appeal), Noida, BB Rajendra Prasad and B Arulappa.

The other officers included in the list were Ajoy Kumar Singh, Alok Kumar Mitra, Andasu Ravindar, Chander Saini Bharti, Vivek Batra, Swetabh Suman and Ram Kumar Bhargava.

This is the first time the government is taking such a move against so many bureaucrats and officials accused of corruption and illegal activities.