12-feet minaret at Taj Mahal collapses due to heavy rainfall, thunderstorm

TajMahalDue to heavy rainfall and thunderstorm accompanied with high winds with velocity over 130 km per hour in Agra, reportedly a 12-feet minaret at the entry gate of Taj Mahal (an Iconic heritage site) has collapsed late on the evening of April 12. However, there were no casualties reported during the incident.

Sources have revealed that the main monument was also affected during that 40-minute heavy rainfall in the region.

The metal pillar which was referred to as Darwaza-e-Rauza was situated at the entry gate and it crashed during the thunderstorm and later the minaret fell off and the white dome broke into several pieces.

Meanwhile, 35 people have died and 24 others got injured due to extreme weather conditions in the state. This has even resulted in 80% crop damage. A pillar at a mosque in Jaunpur’s Shahganj also got crashed due to the same.

The state government has directed officials to provide compensation to the affected people.

While this was so, the Archeological Society of India had appealed in the Supreme Court to sort out the ownership of the Taj Mahal, against the Waqf board’s decision to declare Taj Mahal as its property. The Apex court has asked Sunni Waqf Board (Uttar Pradesh) to reveal the documents which were signed by Shah Jahan (Mughal emperor) to prove its ownership.